Principles of Cancer Immunotherapy

"Immunity" is a defense system, which can detect and eliminate abnormal and non-self cells inside the body. Cancer immunotherapy destroys tumors by activating the immune system. After receiving different types of cancer immunotherapy, the survival time of the patient's are significantly extended. Combined with conventional treatment methods, the efficacy would be increased by 20%-30%.
The granulocyte colony-stimulating factor stimulates the peripheral blood stem cells extracted from the blood of the patient to produce lymphocytes, which are co-cultured with the tumor antigen in vitro and then inject back to his body, with the assistant of stimulating cytokines to enhance the immune effect. Tumor cells can be destroyed by the lymphocytes with the same antigen. Immunotherapy does not have the side effects which may be happened by taking anticancer drugs, so it is a mild treatment comparatively.

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