Principles of cancer gene therapy

Normal cells have a mechanism to control the natural mutagenesis of mutagenized cells (i.e. tumor cells). Cancer cells typically loss the ability of natural apoptosis due to damage of normal cells or loss of tumor suppressor genes. Cancer gene therapy is basically injecting cancer suppressor genes to the cancer cells nucleus from outside into the body, and recover the normal environment for cell division and natural apoptosis, as a result, the cancer cells will naturally disappear from the body.

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Characteristics of cancer gene therapy

  • Regardless the stages of initial, mid-term, end-stage, metastasis, recurrence, etc, are also suitable for treatment.
  • It’s focus on all the cancer cells inside the body such that it’s not related to the types of cancer.
  • Applicable to any cancers with against drug-resistant, accepted radiotherapy treatment or new discovered.
  • Suitable for any health conditions even children or elder.
  • Less side effects, so less influences to most of patients.

Cancer Gene Therapy + Conventional Cancer Therapy

  • Even though the observable cancer is removed by surgery, some invisible metastatic cancer cells may spread round the body, which will cause recurrence. Cancer gene therapy can help to prevent recurrence after surgery.
  • Once drug-resistant cancer is found, it is difficult to be cured by using the same treatment. Cancer gene therapy has no drug-resistance.
  • For cancer cells undergoing radiotherapy, cancer gene therapy can increase the self-destructive effect of cancer cells, treat cancer cells that deviate from the area of irradiation and also prevent recurrence.

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