Cancer Gene Therapy

Eliminate cancer by gene therapy. Treatment is basically outpatient and does not require hospitalization. Less side effects, most patients can be accepted.

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Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer therapy by inducing, enhancing or inhibiting an immune response. Immunotherapy does not have the side effects of anticancer drugs, so it is a mild treatment.

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Other Treatments Info

Provides latest medical treatments or health information, such as Proton Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment etc.

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Committed to providing suitable information to those in need, so that patients can regain a healthy life and enjoy life. We will continue to provide different treatments and health information to different persons.

Notes for Overseas Medical Services


Client applies for overseas medical services, fill out relevant application forms and submit medical documents to overseas medical institutions for review.

Medical VISA

Client and his family to apply for overseas medical VISA, avoid submitting incorrect information, save time and time.

Pro Translation

There may be problems with communication due to language barrier at the time of consultation. A professioanl translator with instant interpretation to strengthen communication between client and medical staffs


If client has special requirements, inform the hospital / clinic immediately. So that client can receive appropriate treatment and recover well.

Hospitals / Clinics

Excellent facilities with advanced technologies and professional crew in overseas

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